A Look At Gigabit Ethernet Over Fiber

A Look At Gigabit Ethernet Over Fiber

Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber (GEF) is going to radically change the internet over the next few years. It is also going to change the telecommunications industry as well. The technology involved is one that has been tested and found to be very effective and is based on the networking communications standard called Ethernet. This particular technology allows for speeds in excess of one thousand times higher than existing broadband technologies have to offer.

Newer GEF technologies such as the Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.3ae standard has been readied and can be deployed in both the residential as well as enterprise markets. It pays to take a closer look at the Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber technologies and it also pays to look at how this technology provides advantages that the current broadband technologies are not able to offer.

Obviously, the main advantage to using the Gigabit technology is that it will work at truly mind boggling speeds that are faster than what existing broadband technologies is able to offer. Thanks to such bandwidths, GEF will succeed in providing better services over the next few years. It will also mean converging voice and data as well as television and video services, all of which will be made possible by new GEF technologies.

Also, GEF technology will provide improved working distances and will be able to serve distances of between forty and seventy kilometers. In fact, IEEE 802.3ae standards will call for distances of not less than forty kilometers and with proper implementation the network can be expanded to even greater distances.

This kind of working range shows that GEF technologies will easily succeed in serving metropolitan areas through MAN or the metropolitan area network. In order to serve WAN or wide area network environments, GEF will be able to interface with a fiber backbone of the existing long distance network infrastructures of which SONET or Synchronous Optical Network is a good example.

GEF also boasts of tested Ethernet communication protocols. In fact, studies have revealed that Ethernet is far superior to SONET and will also offer major cost advantages. Furthermore, once GEF is taken up in a big way, the cost advantages will only multiply further.

The fact that Ethernet technologies are being used in different applications shows that it is indeed an excellent plug and play technology that is already helping in making networks easier to set up as well as maintain. In addition to such advantages, Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber also evolved sufficiently to provide layer 2 Ethernet bridging functions as well as layer 3 Internet Protocol or IP routing functions.

This two and three layer switching will make it possible to manage networks with considerable ease. Lastly, depending on how it is used Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber is going to also provide a lifespan that will last for between twenty five to forty years. With further improvements, it will be possible to provide truly lightening fast speeds.

All this shows that GEF technologies are going to be the standard in the future and will be perfectly suited for transmission of information at very high speeds over short as well as long distances.

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